Friday, 3 April 2015

News: Republicans Take Up Arms

'Today, on the fifth of July, a surge in paramilitary activity has spread across the North of England, mainly, as well as across other parts of England and Wales. Their leaders, well known terrorists the Corrigan Brothers, have declared war on the occupying Royalist forces in County Durham. Cells in Newcastle and Middlesbrough have also taken up arms against occupying forces. Earlier in the week, two unarmed British Paras were shot and killed by a group of masked men at a military checkpoint. Although they haven't been identified, and no one has stepped forward, sources agree that it was likely down to that of the County Durham Republicans. Officials have told soldiers active in the North East area to stay alert and not to stray too far away from checkpoints and posts.'

'Sources close to the BBC have claimed that the CDR are supplied with arms from supporters across the water in Ireland, as well as other parts of the UK. These include Varients on the AK47, Sterlinh SMGs and Browning Hi-Power handguns. We'll have more news at 10.'

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