Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Tiocfaidh ár lá

So, more info on the Corrigan Brothers!

Born in 1964, to mother Florence and father Francis, Francis Corrigan Jr. Is the oldest of the two brothers. He joined the IRA in 1984 at the age of 20 and acted as a gunman. At 21 he had killed 3 men, all members of his brigade, for acts of treason. All 3 men were informants and drug dealers. He fled Belfast in 1985 after an attempt on his life.

Younger brother Eddie, born in 1965, joined the IRA aged 18, under the guidance of a former British Para named Jack O'Keefe. Eddie excelled at bomb making and was used on several skirmishes against the Occupying British forces. Eddie stayed in Belfast until 1986, when he left for the North East of England to be with his brother, Francis.

Establishing a Republican movement in  the town of Sunderland, Francis garnered support from several groups including a number of Unions, as well as a group of anti-fascists, who provided him with funds which they believed went towards helping the working classes. Instead, that money went towards recruitment and buying supplies for the forthcoming armed struggle.

The most notable of his supporters was an Elite member of her Majesty's Navy, a Marine nonetheless. He supplied Francis with small arms, handguns mostly, as well as camoflauge and other essential equipment.

When Eddie arrived in the North East, he stayed in contact with Jack O'Keefe who, happily, supported the Corrigan's 'struggle' against security forces. He sent several men over to aid in the cause.

The reason for their armed struggle was due to the fact that in occupied North East, following a civil war kicked off by the Miner's strike, the working classes have been vilified by fascists loyal to the crown.

The Corrigan's will continue their armed struggle against the crown for as long as it takes, no matter how many lives are lost - on either side. Their compatriots in other parts of the country are also taking up arms and it's only a matter of time, according to them, before the ruling government falls and the Royal family hang.

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