Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Today's Haul

Today I took a trip to Sainsbury's with my Mam and Sister and had a few quid to spare so I bought the complete collection of The Sweeney, perfect material to work from, and the film 71 based in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, 1971 to be precise.

I'm looking forward to watching these! I've started watching Minder, and I still need to finish season one.

I decided not to order from Liberation Miniatures, it seemed like too much of a hassle and with a delivery time of 4-6 weeks, I'm just too impatient. If they pop up on eBay, then I might be tempted. But with no easy access photos of their entire range, I decided to pass. Good value for money though, that's a positive!

Until next time,


  1. Aye 71 is a good film and quite shocking at times. As for the Sweeney its worth watching just for the cars.
    I know it seems a hassle to order from Rolf nowadays but the figures are nice and I have never had any problems.
    I tell you what next time I put an order in I will give you a shout.

    1. That'd be great mate, however, it'll be a while before I order anything new as I'm saving up for a new PC. Being unemployed, it might take a while.

      I just watched 71 today and thought it was good. The British weren't tarnished that much and the acting was good.

      I'm going to watch Minder first, then get going on The Sweeney.