Tuesday, 7 April 2015

News: Football Unites a Divided Region

'Tonight's report looks at how a simple sport has united a divided community, so here's John McDonald bringing you a well thought out report.'

'Over recent months, our region has been hit with an increase in violent activities, from both sides, but tonight I am looking at how Football, the working man's game, has sealed the gap between the two warring communities.'

'Every day, in parks, school yards, and backlanes all across the region, children from both sides of the divide come together to play a quick game of footy, using jumpers as goal posts, and sliding at each other's ankles. What unites these kids is the love of local football teams, like Sunderland. Politics don't matter to these boys and girls. As they say, ignorance is bliss and that really shows here.'

'Even amongst adults, this beloved sport can bridge a divide as members of both sides stand and watch Sunderland at Roker Park. No guns. No violence. No hate.'

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