Monday, 6 April 2015

One In The Back

Paul knelt by the wall, his SMG at the ready, and looked down his sights. He closed his left eye and fingered the trigger lightly. Jimmy knelt behind him and acted as a look out. In his sights, Paul could see members of the SLA, standing, at a makeshift checkpoint. 

One member had his back to Paul and he, he had decided, would be his target. Paul licked his lips and trained the sights on the unfortunate chap.

'I'm gonna get that Queen loving fuck right in the back, just watch me.' Paul said.
'Aye?' Jimmy said 'I'll believe it when I see it mate.'
'Shut up, will you? Nobody asked for your opinion.'

A car pulled up at the checkpoint, it was red and rusty, and the target moved towards the passenger window. He reached in and took some documents off of the driver. Paul took advantage of the distraction and squeezed the trigger. Bang, bang, bang. The bullets hit the target and he fell forward against the car, bleeding. The passenger, a young lady, screamed and it pierced the air.

The man on the other side of the car rested his AK on the roof of the car and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit the brick in front of Paul and he ducked his head back around the corner. More shots hit the brick wall behind them, causing bits of brick and powder to shoot out onto the back lane.

'What now?' Jimmy said 'we're fucked.'
'As if, we've just gotta plan this out Jimma.' Paul said, creeping his head around the corner.

Another shot caused him to dart his head back around the corner. Shouting could be heard from the checkpoint and it appeared to get closer and closer: 'Come out now, we aren't fucking around, I'll give you one chance, that's it.' The voice had a distinct Belfast accent.

'We're gonna have to give up, Paul.'
'Nonsense Jimma.'

Jimmy got up and stepped out from the wall. Paul heard a shot. He heard it make contact with flesh. He saw Jimmy hit the floor, blood pooling at his head. He knew he was next. He dropped his gun and legged it along the backlane. Bullets wizzed past him, striking the red bricks on either side of him.

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