Friday, 24 April 2015

Update: Apologies

Sorry I haven't been updating this as frequently as I was before. I've got a lot of personal stuff going on right now (including moving house), as well as an African ImagiNation to be president of.

But some updates, I've jotted down what I want from RH models (AKA Liberation) and this will be the basis of my 3 forces. Sadly they don't do any RUC, Military Police, or the like as far as I can tell, which is a shame, and I don't want to mix manufacturers even though Elhiem do some great RUC miniatures.

Feel free to follow President Goodwill Hunter over at as he struggles against rebels with support from their former colonisers, the British.

A break down of the miniatures I'm planning to order:
- a variety of Falklands British in Berets with a variety of weapons (GPMG, Sterlings, SLR).
- a pack of Falkland Argentinians wearing Parkas and wooly hats (for paramilitaries wanting to keep warm).
- a number of their civilian packs, including a camera man and VIP, as well as armed with AK74s and SVDs.
- some of their Urban Meltdown range with a mixture of weapons (Uzis, M16s, AKs, and Brens).

Hopefully I'll have the order sent off soon and, as this is my first time ordering from them, I hope it is a pleasurable experience with both customer service and satisfaction!

Until then,


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