Thursday, 16 April 2015

News: Football Fans Clash

'Today, fans of football rivals Sunderland and Newcastle clashed in the street this afternoon. It was instigated by a one Scott 'Scotty' Johnson Senior. He threw a glass bottle at a group of Newcastle fans walking through the city centre. It struck a fan and all hell broke loose.'

'Boots and fists were flying everywhere as a sea of red and white scarves jumped in, battering the Newcastle fans. The fans fought back, however, and a well-known hooligan pulled a knife on Scotty Senior and slashed his Donkey Jacket open.'

'Police arrived on the scene in no time, carrying truncheons as per usual. This is when the fighting stopped between the fans. The violence was then focused on the policemen, with Newcastle and Sunderland fans fighting together against the men sent to quash the situation.'

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