Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Update: Miniatures, Again

DISCLAIMER: These images are all from Elhiem and used without permission, for which I apologise.

Above: Image of balaclavad insurgents from Elhiem.

The above image shows some of the miniatures I'll be using as my paramilitary groups. As there are only three variants I'll be painting them all up differently (e.g. Blue jackets for SDF, black for SLA). If I'm brave enough, I might even try a head swap or two when I aquire heads from S and S models.

Above: Bareheaded Insurgents armed with AK47s from Elhiem.

I'll also be trying to sculpt balaclavas onto the above chaps, as well as some attempted head swaps. Again, paint jobs will differentiate the three paramilitary groups.

Although there aren't that many Varients to choose from, I'll be really happy when these miniatures arrive. It means the project can move forward! I'll also be picking up some insurgents from Enfilade and sculpting balaclavas onto those without. They also do some insurgents armed with M16s which could pass as ArmaLite AR-15s.


  1. If your moving into 20mm have a look at RHmodels. He has quite a few insurgent types some armed with SLRs.

    1. Hi Mike, I've been tempted to buy from them, and I still might, it just seems like a hassle to order from them is all, but I'll certainly give his models a shot!