Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Round the Back

The snow was fresh on the ground and Jack was waiting. It was going to be his last job, then he could settle down, be a family man again. Just one last job. He had a Tommy Gun, and was wearing a balaclava - he was an associate of the target.

The man in question was one Edward McGuire, or Eddie Fish to his friends. He was a fish monger from Monkwearmouth and sold fish and other items. He had a long curly perm and a thick moustache.

He slid the key into his front door and turned it. The snow had soaked his leather jacket and his hair was peppered with snow flakes.

Jack was stood at the rear of the house, watching and waiting. He stopped at the kitchen window and peared through. He could she Eddie's shadow moving in the hallway.

Eddie removed his coat and hung it on a peg behind the front door, 'shit' he said to himself, realising he had forgotten to get the eggs. He moved through the hallway into the living room and sat down. There were pictures on the walls of family members and a football plaque.

Jack moved to the back door and checked the handle, it was open. He pulled the door ever so slightly, trying to make as little noise as possible. He crept into the back hallway and closed the door behind him. His ankle boots made a soft noise on the carpet leading up to the living room.

Eddie heard the noises and became alert. He jumped up off of the sofa and snook to the door. 'Who the fuck's there?' He said, his voice trembling slightly.

'You know why I'm here, Eddie,' Jack said 'it's been coming to you for a long time, you want to thank Christ you lasted this long.'

'Jackie? Is that you?' Eddie said.

'Fuck' Jack said to himself. 'Get down on the ducking floor' he yelled at Eddie.

'OK, OK,' Eddie said, getting down on the floor, face down.

Jack entered the room and pointed the Tommy at Eddie. 'I'm sorry Eddie' he said.

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