Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Patriot Game

'Come all you young rebels and list while I sing 
For love of ones land is a terrible thing 
It banishes fear with the speed of a flame 
And makes us all part of the patriot game '

The first of many posts highlighting the motley crew of characters taking part in this civil war. First up we have the Corrigan Brothers, Irish Ex-Pats, Provos, Real nasty men.

They head up the County Durham Republicans, operating throughout the county, predominantly in the town of Sunderland. Recent activity includes the attempted assassination of public figures in the area including an attack on solitary soldiers patrolling the countryside.

The CDR is estimated to have 200 members as of March 1985. Their main mission is to establish an independent republic within the North East of England. 

Their weapons are fairly old fashioned, with support from other countries (especially Northern Ireland) bringing them their main firearms. Weapons like the Sterling SMG, for example, are still widely used throughout the CDR.

Here is a pretty bad phone camera photo of the miniatures I am using to represent the Corrigan Brothers. They are Russian Criminals from The Assault Group. On the left we have Eddie Corrigan (who features in my modern day crime writing) and on the right we have Francis Corrigan.

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