Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Tiocfaidh ár lá

So, more info on the Corrigan Brothers!

Born in 1964, to mother Florence and father Francis, Francis Corrigan Jr. Is the oldest of the two brothers. He joined the IRA in 1984 at the age of 20 and acted as a gunman. At 21 he had killed 3 men, all members of his brigade, for acts of treason. All 3 men were informants and drug dealers. He fled Belfast in 1985 after an attempt on his life.

Younger brother Eddie, born in 1965, joined the IRA aged 18, under the guidance of a former British Para named Jack O'Keefe. Eddie excelled at bomb making and was used on several skirmishes against the Occupying British forces. Eddie stayed in Belfast until 1986, when he left for the North East of England to be with his brother, Francis.

Establishing a Republican movement in  the town of Sunderland, Francis garnered support from several groups including a number of Unions, as well as a group of anti-fascists, who provided him with funds which they believed went towards helping the working classes. Instead, that money went towards recruitment and buying supplies for the forthcoming armed struggle.

The most notable of his supporters was an Elite member of her Majesty's Navy, a Marine nonetheless. He supplied Francis with small arms, handguns mostly, as well as camoflauge and other essential equipment.

When Eddie arrived in the North East, he stayed in contact with Jack O'Keefe who, happily, supported the Corrigan's 'struggle' against security forces. He sent several men over to aid in the cause.

The reason for their armed struggle was due to the fact that in occupied North East, following a civil war kicked off by the Miner's strike, the working classes have been vilified by fascists loyal to the crown.

The Corrigan's will continue their armed struggle against the crown for as long as it takes, no matter how many lives are lost - on either side. Their compatriots in other parts of the country are also taking up arms and it's only a matter of time, according to them, before the ruling government falls and the Royal family hang.

All Quiet On The North Eastern Front

The squaddies stood around idol, it was mid-afternoon and nobody had passed by their way since ten o clock in the morning. The surrounding countryside was damp of the morning's rain, their uniforms sodden. 

At the unofficial checkpoint, Johnny and Gaz sat behind their L7A2 and watched the empty road ahead of them. Nothing. Their makeshift shelter kept them from the elements.

'Did you see that, there?' Gaz said, pointing off to the left.
'Aye, I did, saw something move over there' Johnny said.

A man, dressed in DPM camoflauge trousers, wearing a green and white striped football top, knelt down on the  ground with his hands over his head.

'Jimmy,' Gaz said, 'Go and see what that's all about will ya? Smiley, you go with him, too.'

Jimmy and Smiley advanced down the road towards the kneeling man. He had shoulder length black hair, and what appeared to be a Glasgow Celtic football shirt. He had DMs on his feet and a cross tattooed on his left forearm.

'Oi,' he said, in a thick Northern Irish accent 'I'm willing to cooperate with Her Majesty's Government, if you'll let me'

Smiley raised his SA80 and cautiously approached the kneeling man. 'What's your name, mate?' He said.

'Corrigan,' Eddie said 'Eddie Corrigan.'

Smiley nodded and lowered his rifle slightly, he beckoned Eddie to come towards him, and he complied.

As they turned to walk back towards the checkpoint, a russling came from the hedges on either side. Jimmy paused and approached the right hedge. From over the top came a balaclava wearing head, and then the barrel of an AK47.

The unidentified man opened fire, hitting Jimmy in the shoulder and chest. Jimmy fell to the floor, squirming. Eddie lay on the floor, hands over his head, as bullets whizzed overhead. Smiley opened fire on the hedge, standing over Eddie. He fired until the return fire stopped.

From behind him, another masked man stood up and fired from behind the hedge, hitting Smiley in the back.

The Patriot Game

'Come all you young rebels and list while I sing 
For love of ones land is a terrible thing 
It banishes fear with the speed of a flame 
And makes us all part of the patriot game '

The first of many posts highlighting the motley crew of characters taking part in this civil war. First up we have the Corrigan Brothers, Irish Ex-Pats, Provos, Real nasty men.

They head up the County Durham Republicans, operating throughout the county, predominantly in the town of Sunderland. Recent activity includes the attempted assassination of public figures in the area including an attack on solitary soldiers patrolling the countryside.

The CDR is estimated to have 200 members as of March 1985. Their main mission is to establish an independent republic within the North East of England. 

Their weapons are fairly old fashioned, with support from other countries (especially Northern Ireland) bringing them their main firearms. Weapons like the Sterling SMG, for example, are still widely used throughout the CDR.

Here is a pretty bad phone camera photo of the miniatures I am using to represent the Corrigan Brothers. They are Russian Criminals from The Assault Group. On the left we have Eddie Corrigan (who features in my modern day crime writing) and on the right we have Francis Corrigan.