Friday, 4 September 2015

Ramblings of a (Borderline) Mad Man

Hi guys, just a quick update here.

I've got 20mm miniatures in my queue and I plan on doing some 28mm ones, too. I've been eyeing up Geezers Shut It! And might invest in all 64(!) miniatures coming in at a whopping £120 or somewhere near that.

I was thinking of the two security guards and the masked gunmen in particular. These could be Rebels, Loyalists, Miners etc. the police may also be useful.

As for scenery, I was thinking about the VBCW buildings from (I think) warbases. These are 28mm and can be used for three eras (well two) the inter war period with A Very British Civil War and the Anglo-Irish War, and Crisis Up North.

This will save me considerable amounts of money, thankfully, but I'll also have to buy scenery for my 20mm collection.

Until next time,

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